From the recording Destiny is in Your Hands

Single signalling the release of the full album Confluens!

Featuring Chris Butcher on trombone

Luciano Lu: vocal, guitar
Carlie Howell: upright bass
Betinho Muniz: keys, percussions
Riquinho Fernandes: drum-kit
Maninho Costa: percussions


We can decide to go on… without love
we can pretend to move on… ’n’ feel no pain
just turn and head for the door… with no regrets
then just get on with our life… ’n’ fake our peace

But if we get together… and have no pleasure
what if we open our hearts… but take no risks
we can pretend to go on… it’s the fate of life
then believe we’ve moved on… it’s our daily strife

And if we just grow up… without asking questions
we can pull off a smile… to hide our intentions
But one day it all stops… … ’n’ we feel our hearts
we may uncover the source… of lasting peace

No one can explain… Destiny is in our hands
nothing has been in vain… when we slow down our brain