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One World, One Voice

Ottawa, Canada — Especially now in a time where we feel particularly distanced and apart from each other, comes a new spectacular world music album to remind us that we are one, brought together by music.

Confluens is a unique blend of songs and musical pieces inspired by one man's journey around the world, absorbing and exploring different sounds, tunes, cultures and instruments, while chasing his passion for music all the way to its roots.

It is the culmination of 25 years of music-making and music-teaching, the first destination on the map of musical creations to come.

This debut solo album from multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and music educator Luciano Lu, was created as a bridge across genres, closing the gap between more eclectic and obscure music traditions, and main-stream music.

His music excites the mind, touches the heart, and uplifts the soul with a unique fusion of world music styles that is both fresh and familiar. 

The result is an album that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries, and brings people together with a common language of music.

In fact, the very production of this album is a triumph that transcends boundaries indeed - having been recorded, mixed, produced, rendered and mastered by artists and producers working in their own countries amidst Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

No lockdown was going to stop musicians from doing what they do best - producing amazing music and collaborating with each other to create magical vibrations to be felt the world over.

Featured on the album are talented musicians Alexandre Garnizé, Flavia Nascimento, Maninho Costa, Jean François Lapierre, Hassan El Hadi, and more.

Each musician featured is a master of their instruments or styles, and each track is a musical mosaic that will appeal to fans of world music, people who love to discover new and different sounds, and music lovers who are interested in the cultural inspirations behind the music.

Packed with exotic cultural excitement, this album represents the confluence of different styles of musical sources merging to reveal fresh new textures and sonorous vibrations - a melting pot of an album warmly seasoned by cultural fusion...

It's got a little bit of everything... the percussion of Afro-Brazilian religious traditions… Moroccan traditional sounds... the jingles of Luciano’s present home Quebec… the rhythms and vibrant accordion of the xaxado and forró dance across the Brazilian savanna... the heart-pumping fanfare of Carnaval... and the soulful vocals of a good samba and bossanova.

Each song has a different flavour, a different story, a different message, but they all share this in common:

To remind us of our oneness and to celebrate where we have come from, and where we are going, on this journey called Life.

"This album demonstrates how the richness brought in by immigrants from around the globe can be blended into common elements that brings us all closer together," says Luciano, whose Brazilian roots definitely shine through in this album.

"I want to inspire fellow immigrants to be proud of their heritage, I want to help locals experience other cultures, I want to create an opportunity for everyone to widen their music appreciation."

As a music educator in Canada where he has come to call home, Luciano believes that music is a door to personal and communal expressions and thus, his dream is to pull down the curtains on music making, so that it becomes more accessible to all who desire it.

Confluens is but one aspect under the banner of "River of Cultures", an overarching project that includes multiple releases and experiential music-making programs.

The project aims at bringing the sounds of “street traditions” directly from the streets of Brazil and the world right into peoples’ homes, through online performances, workshops, cultural stories, and chats with the guest artists who have contributed their unique styles to this celebration of cultural diversity and expression of multicultural community.

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